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kill the current notion of villains needing to be human at the end of the day.

bring back villains that killed because they enjoyed blood on their hands.

give me villains that destroy cities because of boredom.

give me narcissistic villains that destroy others because they never compare to themselves.

give me bad guys that no one wants to empathise with.

Friendly reminder that you are all brilliant and amazing. I always see all these posts reminding people they are beautiful, but do not forget you are also super smart and you are capable of so much :)

Tarot Asks
The Fool: Something you've always wanted to try
The Magician: Something you're very good at
The High Priestess: One thing you wish you knew
The Empress: A woman you really admire
The Emperor: A man you really admire
The Hierophant: Something you believe in
The Lovers: A person who makes you very happy
The Chariot: A prize or award you've won
Strength: Something you struggle with
The Hermit: Favourite way to spend a day alone
The Wheel Of Fortune: Something you wish you could change
Justice: A decision you wish you could do over
The Hanged Man: A time when you wished someone would listen to you
Death: Someone you really miss
Temperance: Your ideal day
The Devil: Who you talk to when you're dealing with big issues
The Tower: Something that changed your life
The Star: Someone you consider perfect
The Moon: Something you fear
The Sun: Your happiest memory
Judgement: Your favourite song(s)
The World: Your dream job

Some people take this website to seriously. 



Hello, Police? I accidentally stepped on my cats foot and need to be arrested


Dating sites are so strange for non-binary, trans*, genderfluid people etc. The messages I get I am not sure if I should laugh at them or cry over them. Maybe I will make a collage of all the messages I get of people trying to figure out my gender, hitting on me and then changing their mind when…

This is what a lot of messages from bisexual/pansexual cis-women look like. (These messages are from a self proclaimed bisexual feminist.)

This is what a lot of profiles of bisexual/pansexual cis-women look like.

This is not to say this speaks on behalf of all bi/pan cis-women on dating sites. These are just things that I frequently encounter. There are lots of pretty awesome bi/pan chicks out there that do not really message people dismissing their identities or posting rude statements in their profiles. I think I just find it more bothersome when I find queer and/or feminist women posting things like this. It is common knowledge that straight cis-guys do this stuff all the time, but when people I think would be allies do it, it is more upsetting. I am not saying that people have to be into trans* people, but rather they should be more respectful.

When you’re spooning with another girl and you both get erections
Fetish - Being restrained to the bed?

I would allow myself to be restrained and I would also be willing to restrain a partner. So either or I think could be pretty fun. ^_^


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